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For more than 50 years, Clementoni has been manufacturing games and puzzles that have become increasingly popular all over the world.  Clementoni is also the leader in the European Scientific Toys market thanks to a continuous investment in Research & Development programs directed to always create innovative and engaging products.

Creative Toy Company stocks several of the Clementoni lines; Clementoni for Future and SuperColor children's puzzles, Soft Clemmy and Clemmy Plus, High Quality Collection puzzles, Museum Collection puzzles, Anne Stokes Collection puzzles, Fantastic Animals puzzles, Virtual Reality puzzles, 3D Color Therapy puzzles, Science & Play science kits, Technologic robots and mechanics labs, Coding Lab programming products and Action & Reaction line of modular ball mazes.

Clementoni for Future

Puzzles and cubes to by playing with images.  Illustrations specifically created to catch the children's attention with specific characters and colors.  Puzzles and cubes made with recycled materials in line with our commitment to maintaining an evnironmentally sustainable product under the Clementoni for Future branding.  The entire line is made in Italy.

Clementoni for Future Family picture.jpg

Clementoni SuperColor Puzzles


Clementoni Puzzles

A beautiful line of high quality puzzles that feature beautiful landscapes and wonderful works of art from masters of the art world to new contemporary artists.  High quality "blue board" cardboard makes these puzzles fit precisely and durable so they can be put together over and over, or shared with friends.


Soft building blocks for infants, toddlers and preschool.  Colorful blocks can easily be stacked together and pulled apart at a young age.  Perfect for home, daycare or school because they can be put in a dishwasher and cleaned whenever needed.  Two sizes; Soft Clemmy for 6 - 18 months, and Clemmy Plus for 18 - 36 months. 

Soft Clemmy & Clemmy Plus 

17136 LR.MAIN.jpg
17315 LR.MAIN_edited-1.jpg

SuperColor is a collection of high-quality children's puzzles in all different forms.  Frame puzzles, maxi piece puzzles, progressive puzzles, puzzles that can be made into working clocks, from very youg to school age, this assortment of puzzles will appeal to kids and families.


Clementoni Science & Play Line


A variety of quality science kits that feature detailed guidebooks that not only give instructions but also provide lessons on the science used in the kits.


A variety of quality science kits that feature detailed guidebooks that not only give instructions but also provide lessons on the science used in the kits.

17371 ML Hydroplane.MAIN_edited-2.jpg
61732 image.jpg

Mechanical Engineering meets Robotics in these amazing sets full of fun while learning about how machines work.  Easy to follow instructions also give details on how gears work, how a differential works and how Bluetooth makes things work.

The apps that some Clementoni products use are designed, written and maintained by the Clementoni app team, not some random outside app company hired when they need them.  These apps work because they are designed when the products are developed so they maximize the use of the product.

maker's lab_UK.png

Clementoni has developed a special series of products under the Coding Lab brand to teach the basic skills required to do programming.  These unique products are amazingly fun and yet they still teach children about sequential commands, block programming, logic, critical thinking and problem solving.  Products are designed with the collaboration of college software programming professors and school-age teachers to bring the needs of the technology together with the developmentally appropriate tasks and forms for the age group of the products.

Doc Educational Smart Robot - Ages 4 - 7

Mind Designer Robot
Ages 6 - 10
RoboMaker Robotics Lab

Check Out Our Videos Below! 

Evolution Robot Video
Doc Video Anchor
Virtua Reality Puzzles Video
3D Color Therapy Puzzles Video

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Clementoni Technologic Line

Clementoni Technologic Line

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