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    Fuji Mountain - 500 pc modular box

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      Purchase Fuji Mountain - 500 pc modular box

      Fuji Mountain - 500 pc modular box
      Item#: 98277

      $16.00 $9.60

      Puzzle Select Sale: $6.40

      Availability: In Stock
      Brand: Clementoni

      Manufacturer: Clementoni
      UPC: 8005125982776
      Age Grading: 14 years to Adult
      Manufacture Country: Italy
      Finished Puzzle Size: 27.5" x 19.7"
      Finished Puzzle Length: 27.5"
      Finished Puzzle Width: 19.7"
      Piece Count: 131000 pieces
      Product Packaging Length: 7.9
      Product Packaging Width: 2.4
      Wholesale Carton Length: 9.1
      Wholesale Carton Width: 15.7
      Wholesale Carton Height: 8.7
      Wholesale Carton Weight: 6.0
      Wholesale Carton Quantity: 6
      About This Item:
      • Stunning cherry blossom view: Experience the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossoms in Japan's eastern area along the Urui River on Honshu island, known for its magnificent views every spring.
      • Enchanting river scenery: The narrow river is adorned with trees that gracefully extend over the water, creating a mesmerizing display of pink hues reflected on the surface.
      • Majestic Mount Fuji: Adding to the grandeur of the scene, the majestic Mount Fuji emerges from the midst of the trees, providing a stunning backdrop to the cherry blossom spectacle.
      • Captivating puzzle image: This puzzle captures the extraordinary contrast between the vibrant pinks of the blossoms, the lush green of the river bank, the snowy white peak of Mount Fuji, the blue-gray tones of the mountain, and the shimmering reflections on the water.
      • Visual appeal and challenge: The image's visual beauty makes it an excellent choice for a puzzle, offering both aesthetic pleasure and a rewarding challenge to enthusiasts.
      • Digital Download of Printable Poster Available
      Product Description
      Among the most beautiful views of the cherry blossoms in Japan every spring is the eastern area along the Urui River on Honshu island. At this point, the river is narrow and the trees reach over the water creating beautiful pink colors on the water. The view is even more impressive with majestic Mount Fuji in the distance seemingly rising out of the trees. This image makes a beautiful puzzle because of the spectacular contrast between the pinks of the trees, the green of the river bank, the snow white of the mountain top, blue-gray of the mountain and the shimmering reflections on the water.  Finished size 19.3" x 14.2".
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