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    Grand Teton in Fall - 1000 pc puzzle in modular packaging

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      Purchase Grand Teton in Fall - 1000 pc puzzle in modular packaging

      Grand Teton in Fall - 1000 pc puzzle in modular packaging
      Item#: 96700

      $20.00 $12.00

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      Availability: In Stock
      Brand: Clementoni

      This product is no longer available.
      Manufacturer: Clementoni
      UPC: 8005125967001
      Age Grading: 14 years to Adult
      Manufacture Country: Italy
      Finished Puzzle Size: 27.5" x 19.7"
      Finished Puzzle Length: 27.5"
      Finished Puzzle Width: 19.7"
      Piece Count: 131000 pieces
      Product Packaging Length: 7.9
      Product Packaging Width: 2.4
      Wholesale Carton Length: 9.1
      Wholesale Carton Width: 15.7
      Wholesale Carton Height: 8.7
      Wholesale Carton Weight: 9.2
      Wholesale Carton Quantity: 6
      About This Item:
      • Breathtaking beauty of the Grand Tetons: Discover the stunning beauty of the Grand Tetons in all their fall glory with our "Grand Teton in Fall" 1000-piece puzzle. Renowned nature photographer Matt Anderson captures the majestic peaks adorned in vibrant autumn foliage.
      • Serene and secluded Ox Bow Bend: Transport yourself to the serene and secluded Ox Bow Bend, where the Snake River winds through the landscape. From this privileged vantage point, witness nature's artistry surrounded by a kaleidoscope of warm hues painting the trees.
      • Captivating contrast of colors: Piece by piece, you'll be captivated by the contrast between vivid fall colors and soothing blue-grey tones of the towering mountains. Harmonize these elements, carefully interlocking each piece to recreate the scene with precision and detail.
      • Substantial canvas for appreciation: With a finished size of 27.2" x 19.7", this puzzle offers a substantial canvas to appreciate every nuance of Anderson's remarkable photography. Let the grandeur of the Grand Tetons fill your space, relishing the sense of accomplishment as the final piece fits into place.
      • Embrace the tranquility of nature: Embrace the tranquility of nature's masterpiece and embark on an immersive puzzle experience with our "Grand Teton in Fall" puzzle. Celebrate the harmony of autumn colors and the awe-inspiring majesty of one of America's most iconic landscapes.
      • Digital Download of Printable Poster Available
      Product Description
      Spectacular view of the Grand Tetons showing the high peaks and the trees in fall colors. Nature photographer, Matt Anderson captures the view from Ox Bow Bend during the peak of Fall colors. Located in the Grand Teton National Park on the Snake River, perched, alone, far from the crowds on a hillside, with a million-dollar view. Beautiful contrast in colors make this a great puzzle but still challenging with the image dominated by the blue-grey of the mountains. Larger puzzle image digital download available with purchase.
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