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    Mecha Dragon

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      Mecha Dragon
      Item#: 61529


      Availability: In Stock
      Brand: Clementoni

      Manufacturer: Clementoni
      UPC: 8005125615292
      Age Grading: 8+ YEARS
      Manufacture Country: Italy
      Product Packaging Length: 12.2
      Product Packaging Width: 2.8
      Wholesale Carton Length: 13.0
      Wholesale Carton Width: 18.7
      Wholesale Carton Height: 18.5
      Wholesale Carton Weight: 19.1
      Wholesale Carton Quantity: 6
      About This Item:
      • Unleash the power of imagination: The incredible "Mecha Dragon" kit brings the mythical creature to life, captivating children with its interactive features and endless adventures. It unleashes the power of imagination, inviting children into a world of thrilling robotics.
      • Interactive and realistic movements: Equipped with 3 motors and multiple sensors, the Mecha Dragon seamlessly interacts with its surroundings and engages with the child. Control it using the intuitive app or utilize the 4 infrared sensors for a hands-on experience. Witness the awe-inspiring movements of its wings, mouth, and body as it turns and chases with astonishing realism.
      • Imposing and majestic design: The Mecha Dragon stands as an imposing and majestic creation. Its intricate design and advanced functionality capture the imagination and transport children into a world of fantasy and robotics.
      • Unleash creativity and technical skills: The "Mecha Dragon" from Clementoni's Science&Play Robotics line unleashes your child's creativity and technical skills. It offers a realm of innovation where fantasy meets technology, and where the boundaries of imagination are limitless. Children can embark on extraordinary adventures with their very own mechanical companion.
      • Epic battles and mythical quests: Get ready for epic battles and mythical quests with the "Mecha Dragon" - the ultimate fusion of imagination and robotics. Its box size is 2.8" x 12.2" x 17.8". Let your child's imagination soar as they bring the Mecha Dragon to life.
      • Explore the realm of innovation: With the "Mecha Dragon" kit, children dive into the realm of innovation. They can experience the thrill of robotics and unleash their imagination as they create their own epic stories and adventures with this mechanical marvel.
      Product Description
      A kit to make a fantastic Mechanical Dragon that uses its 3 motors and multiple sensors to interact with the child and the surrounding environment for endless adventures.
      The Dragon can be controlled using an app that communicates with high-frequency signals or through the 4 infrared sensors. Using its 2 motors and the servo motor, it moves its wings and mouth, the drive wheel and the joint in the middle of the body, which allows it to turn and chase its prey as if it were alive.
      • 2.8" x 12.2" x 17.8".
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