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    Soft Clemmy- Sensory Farm

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      Soft Clemmy- Sensory Farm
      Item#: 17662


      Availability: In Stock
      Brand: Clementoni

      Manufacturer: Clementoni
      UPC: 8005125176625
      Age Grading: 6 - 18 MONTHS
      Manufacture Country: Italy
      Product Packaging Length: 13
      Product Packaging Width: 9.4
      Wholesale Carton Quantity: 6
      About This Item:
      • Farmyard Adventure: Soft Clemmy Sensory Farm offers a farmyard adventure filled with soft textures, raised surfaces, and friendly farm animals, allowing your little one to explore the joys of the countryside.
      • Cuddly Clemmy Blocks: The playset includes plenty of cuddly Clemmy blocks that can be stacked, squashed, and easily inserted through the windows and roof, providing a tactile and interactive experience.
      • Developmental Benefits: Designed to aid in logical thinking, manual dexterity, and hand-eye coordination, the Sensory Farm promotes the development of essential skills while providing a fun and engaging playtime.
      • Multi-Sensory Exploration: With multiple surfaces featuring raised parts and different textures, the playset encourages children to explore and develop their sense of touch, enhancing their sensory perception.
      • Creative Play: The attractive farm setting and cute characters inspire spontaneous creative play, allowing children to invent farm-related stories and engage in imaginative play.
      • Safe and Soft: Soft Clemmy Sensory Farm provides a safe and soft environment for children to explore, ensuring their playtime is both enjoyable and comfortable.
      Product Description
      • A Farm play set abounding in textures with raised surfaces, soft signature-Clemmy inserts, lots of blocks, and friendly farm animals.
      • The sensorial farm contains lots of cuddly Clemmy blocks that can be stacked, squashed, and easily slotted in through the windows and from the roof.
      • A part of the roof can be opened for play and to get the blocks back.
      • These activities help children to make logical links as well as develop manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
      • Multiple surfaces with raised parts and different textures encourage kids to explore and develop their sense of touch.
      • The attractive setting and cute characters make for spontaneous creative play and children will be able to invent a host of farm-related stories about the farm.
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