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    Space Collection - Earth, 500 pc round puzzle

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      Purchase Space Collection - Earth, 500 pc round puzzle

      Space Collection - Earth, 500 pc round puzzle
      Item#: 35152


      Availability: Please Note: 'Space Collection - Earth, 500 pc round puzzle' is currently backordered. Please be aware that there may be a delay in shipping.
      Brand: Clementoni

      Manufacturer: Clementoni
      UPC: 8005125351527
      Age Grading: 14 years to Adult
      Manufacture Country: Italy
      Finished Puzzle Size: 19.3" x 14.2"
      Finished Puzzle Length: 19.3"
      Finished Puzzle Width: 14.2"
      Piece Count: 12500 pieces
      Product Packaging Length: 2.2
      Product Packaging Width: 11.1
      Wholesale Carton Length: 10.6
      Wholesale Carton Width: 12.2
      Wholesale Carton Height: 14.4
      Wholesale Carton Weight: 7.8
      Wholesale Carton Quantity: 6
      About This Item:
      • Majestic view of Earth: The Space Collection - Earth round jigsaw puzzle showcases the beauty of our planet from a space perspective. The stunning image captures a vast area, from the central and northern Atlantic Ocean to central China on the left, and Angola to Mozambique in southern Africa, providing a mesmerizing view of Earth's diverse landscapes and water bodies.
      • Detailed geography: With 500 pieces to assemble, this puzzle offers an immersive journey of discovery. As you piece together the puzzle, you'll uncover intricate details of populated areas, enhancing your knowledge of geography and expanding your understanding of the world we live in.
      • Unique round shape: The round shape of the puzzle adds a unique twist to the puzzle-solving experience. It offers a visually interesting and engaging challenge, and once completed, the round puzzle becomes a standout decorative piece that can be proudly displayed in any space.
      • Premium quality craftsmanship: Crafted in Italy using premium quality materials, Clementoni puzzles are known for their precise cuts and interlocking fit. The puzzle pieces are designed to ensure a seamless assembly process and create a superior finished product that will withstand repeated use.
      • Educational and entertaining: The Space Collection - Earth puzzle provides a perfect blend of education and entertainment. It offers hours of enjoyable puzzle-solving while fostering geographical knowledge and an appreciation for the beauty of our planet.
      • Expand your perspective: By adding this puzzle to your collection, you can explore Earth from a new perspective and gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of our world. The finished size of 19.7" in diameter allows you to appreciate the intricate details and vibrant colors of the completed puzzle.
      Product Description
      From the central and northern Atlantic Ocean to Greenland at the top of the image, to central China on the left to Angola to Mozambique in southern Africa, this round puzzle shows the earth from space. There is so much to see in this with the populated areas showing clearly. The image will be constructed using your knowledge of geography. The more you do on the puzzle, the more you will see the world. The round shape makes this even more interesting. Clementoni puzzles are crafted in Italy using premium quality materials to enhance the carefully selected imagery featured on each puzzle. All Clementoni puzzles are precisely cut to ensure a perfect interlocking fit and a superior finished product. 
      Finished size 19.7" in diameter.
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