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    Travel  - 1000 pc puzzle in modular packaging

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      Purchase Travel - 1000 pc puzzle in modular packaging

      Travel - 1000 pc puzzle in modular packaging
      Item#: 96703

      $20.00 $12.00

      Puzzle Select Sale: $8.00

      Availability: In Stock
      Brand: Clementoni

      Manufacturer: Clementoni
      UPC: 8005125967032
      Age Grading: 14 years to Adult
      Manufacture Country: Italy
      Finished Puzzle Size: 19.3" x 14.2"
      Finished Puzzle Length: 19.3"
      Finished Puzzle Width: 14.2"
      Piece Count: 131000 pieces
      Product Packaging Length: 7.9
      Product Packaging Width: 2.4
      Wholesale Carton Length: 9.1
      Wholesale Carton Width: 15.7
      Wholesale Carton Height: 8.7
      Wholesale Carton Weight: 9.0
      Wholesale Carton Quantity: 6
      About This Item:
      • Captivating journey through time and imagination: Embark on a captivating journey through time and imagination with our "Travel" 1000-piece puzzle. Explore the stories hidden within everyday luggage containers, taking center stage in this mesmerizing image.
      • Unveiling the extraordinary tales: Contemplate the places these cases have likely ventured throughout their lifetime, and let your mind reel with wonder. This puzzle celebrates the extraordinary tales woven into the fabric of everyday objects, reminding us that every little thing holds a story.
      • Kaleidoscope of memories: Like a kaleidoscope of memories, this puzzle presents a captivating challenge. Sort the pieces by color and texture, revealing each suitcase as a "mini puzzle" within the larger tapestry. Piece by piece, section by section, a vibrant and enchanting tableau of travel emerges.
      • Crafted with precision and quality: Crafted in Italy by Clementoni, known for their commitment to quality, our puzzles are meticulously designed with premium materials. Each piece is precisely cut to ensure a flawless interlocking fit, resulting in a superior finished product.
      • Delightful challenge and visual feast: With a finished size of 27.2" x 19.7", this puzzle offers a delightful challenge and a visual feast for the curious mind. Lose yourself in the intricacies of the "Travel" puzzle, discovering the fragment of a larger story with each piece.
      • Digital Download of Printable Poster Available
      Product Description
      This unique piece features every day luggage containers such as suitcases and briefcases at its centerfold. This image portrays that every little thing in the world has a story, everything you look at and everything you touch has seen more things than you can ever imagine. Each with a character of its own, if you stop to think about the places that these cases have probably been in their lifetime, it can boggle the mind. Like most collage images, the pieces of this puzzle can be sorted by color and texture making it a nice puzzle to work with. Like a gradient puzzle, the sections of the puzzle can be identified and smaller "mini puzzles" of each suitcase becomes the task. Once the sections are put together, the sections can be joined to complete the puzzle. Clementoni puzzles are crafted in Italy using premium quality materials to enhance the carefully selected imagery featured on each puzzle. Finished size 27.2" x 19.7".
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