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The Clementoni line includes toys for children ranging from infants to 12 years and up, starting from early childhood with the Baby Clementoni and Clemmy lines.


Next comes the world of pre-school and educational games dominated by the Science & Play range scientific games.  Among the new additions to the Science & Play line are the Technologic line featuring Clementoni's Mechanics Laboratory products and robots and the new Coding Lab products that teach about programming from age 4 through up to teens.


The highly acclaimed Puzzles feature breathtaking landscapes & works of art from around the world.


An extraordinarily wide range of toys for all ages that grew up with entire generations of children.

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ABOUT dantoy

Since 1964, dantoy has been a leader in the toy industry.l  They design and produce eco-friendly plastic toys utilizing the latest technology and materials available in their own factory in Denmark.  The mission of dantoys is to continuously innovate with teh most advanced technology and materials to ensure they are manufacturing environmentally responsible products.  To make good on that mission, 98% of all of dantoys products carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the gold standard in environmentally responsible manufacturing and products.

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